Over 95% of the businesses fail in their first 2 years of operating. In today’s blog post I want to share with you the principles that will not only save your business but also make you very successful as an Entrepreneur!

Throughout my career as an entrepreneur, I have learned from all kind of people a difference between the winning attitude & mindset and the attitude & mindset of failures. In this article, you will discover the principles that will help you succeed on your entrepreneurial journey.

#1. They are committed to their goals and dreams. 

Successful entrepreneurs are committed to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals and dreams.

They believe that if they do what other successful people do, they will finally achieve the same results. Never give up on your dreams!!!

#2. They are disciplined with their daily activities. 

They show up every day and disciplined themselves to do the most important tasks they’ve set up for that day.

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#3. They celebrate victories and move to the next goal quickly.

They celebrate small victories, This successful principle is to reward yourself for your progress. Apply this principle when you need to motivate yourself to do the next important project.

#4. They are selling and prospecting all the time. 

The most important activities that will keep your business consistently growing are selling and prospecting.
The most successful entrepreneurs are focusing on increasing sales ratio, therefore they are prospecting almost every single day!

#5. They frequently working on their personal development through reading books and listening inspirational audios.

As an Entrepreneur, practicing personal development consistently is crucial. Reading great business and personal development books will help you acquire great knowledge and information.

In addition to being inspired, books can also help you:

  • Build your confidence

  • Increase self-worth

  • Reprogram limiting beliefs

  • Improve your skills

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#6. They take full responsibility for their actions. 

If something goes wrong, they don’t blame others, instead, they take full responsibility and they ask themselves (their teams) where we have made mistake and how we can improve the next time?

#7. They focus on their health and being in good shape. 

Successful entrepreneurs know that in order to be successful in business and in life they must stay in perfect health, therefore they committed to eating healthy and being active every day.

#8. They are always attending to the events and establishing new relationships.

They know the importance of people, they are consistently building new relationships and improving the existing.  Your business in a huge percentage depends on people and your relationship with them.

#9. Successful entrepreneurs outsource the tasks they are not good at. 

Successful entrepreneurs outsource the activities they are not good at or tasks that take lots amount of time, instead, they are 100% focused on their strengths.

There might be tasks that must be done but you are not good at, instead of fighting with yourself trying to make it work, hire someone who can do a better job than you do, you will not only safe some time but also lots of frustration.

#10. They have a vision for the future. 

Successful entrepreneurs know where they are going. They have a big picture for the future. They know what their personal life and business are going to look like 1 year from now, 2 years from now, 5 years from now.

#11. They have a specific written goals.

Having written goals gives them more clarity and focus what needs to be done to achieve their goals.

#12. They leverage other people work. 

They don’t try to build their businesses by themselves. Instead, they are building a team of like-minded individuals who has the same vision and the same goals.

#13. They learn to avoid any distractions. 

There is so much noise in the industry. Successful entrepreneurs have written to do list and are 100% focus on doing just that, they avoid any distraction that comes from the outside.

Those are the principles that will help you succeed on your entrepreneurial journey. Read them over and over again until remembering it, and make sure to apply them in your daily routine, only then you will see positive results.

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