Do you have difficulties to stay consistent in your business for a long time? 

I think consistency is something that we all need some help with sometimes. In today’s post, I am gonna share with you this one really amazing tip that will help you to stay more consistent in your business. 

Being consistent in your daily action it’s very important for a few crucial reasons:

Firstly you will build momentum, and as we all know building momentum it’s very important for growing network marketing business fast. Secondly, when you become more consistent it will change your daily habits, and your daily habits will improve your skills and when you improve your skills, you will be more confident, more enthusiastic and more successful in your network marketing business. 

So how do you become more consistent? 

I see many times people are so excited and fired up when starting a new business, saying: “Maciej, I am gonna do this every day.”, “I am gonna do that every day.” and “I’m gonna make 20 phone calls a day, I’m so excited…, I’m fired up,” I then respond: That’s awesome 🙂 I really love when people see the opportunity for themselves and are fired up!!! But then I thought if you have never made 20 calls a day, and then suddenly you want to make 20 calls a day because you are so excited, right! How long will that last for? Is it realistic?

When it comes to consistency, sometimes when we set up the bar too high for ourselves, and then if for any reasons we would not be able to accomplish our daily goals, we will get disappointment, often discourage and mad at ourselves that might even cause us to stop believing in ourselves, right.

Now let’s consider that you do 20 calls a day, how long will that last for? You will probably do for a few days and then stop, because you burned yourself out…, right! Instead of, what I will suggest is, set up activities that you can realistically fit into your daily schedule. If you have never made 20 phone calls, start with a smaller number maybe 5 calls and 2 presentations a day and work that out for a longer period of time, then increase that number as the time goes by. 

So start out with bite-size, manageable goals that are realistically fit in your day. After you have been consistent with that activities for at least 30 days and you want to increase your productivity, then increase the number of activities. And you gonna feel much happier going to bed and feel way more accomplished knowing that you have done all the things you’ve set for yourself for that day. You will feel more confident about yourself, you will have a better mood at the end of the day laying down in bed thinking about the things you’ve had accomplished, instead of thinking about why you did not or could not do it something. 

ONE MORE THING!!! Just want to say, that if you will stay consistent for a long period of time, you will become a role-model for your team. You will become a leader, you will be able to inspire your team saying: “Listen, guys, if I can do it, you can do it too, and all we need to do is little things for a long period of time.” and that also will create duplication in your team. So this is my tip for today 🙂

P. S. I hope you’ve got some value from this post, I will highly appreciate if you share this post on Facebook and with your team 🙂

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